pure emotion [Lost jack/juliet]

Scratch that!

If you're trying to find me for any reason, I've moved house, and wont have home internet for an uncertain amount of time (though I'll be able to hijack other people's)
So drop me a note here, and I'll try to get back to you ASAP :D

So technically this means I'm on hiatus!

Hopefully I'll be back soon!

Haitus is long since over :) if you want to lure me here more often or donate a copy of Photoshop to me ;) then drop a comment :D

meme from shadowserenity and martoufmarty

LJ Who Am I:
Leave me an anon comment with five (5) clues about yourself. My task is to guess your identity. Please try to make the clues not too obscure, but some vagueness is good :P

What type of clues can you leave?

* What's your country of residence?
* How did we meet? On or off LJ? Through which fandom?
* What are your pairings/OTPs of choice?
* Describe one of your favourite icons.
* Describe something that recently happened to you (which you posted about on your LJ).
* Give me the first letter of your username or nickname.

(these are examples)

Think of something, ANYTHING. Be as generous or vague as you'd like with clues :D I like challenges

And please post this meme on your own LJ! Spread it around :D
pure emotion [Lost jack/juliet]

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Give me 1000 comments in this entry. Or whatever, really. YOU, in particular, don't have to supply the whole 1000, but a tiny contribution would be nice.

This is your chance to spam me with anything. Then post this in your journal and I'll return the favour.

You all know how happy i would be if you spammed me this much :D
(and this is going public incase you get bored and would like to recruit people on your behalf :P)
pure emotion [Lost jack/juliet]


I wasn't showing on my F-lists, so it needed to be reposted :P

If you're looking for my icons, the older ones are here
Newer ones are located at sheep_tank
pure emotion [Lost jack/juliet]

SG-1 icons (mainly Vala)

Collapse )

Vala caps (episode promos, so high res)
Edit again:
I thought i had abyss caps in my winDVD folder :/
probably got them HERE

Ooooo, and, because it's the weekend, and i get bored easily, if anyone *wants* me to, i'm open to requests people would like making (doesn't have to be just icons)